Martin Stephenson 22/09/21

Martin Stephenson 22/09/21


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The Dorothy Pax and Honey Bees Blues Club presents Martin Stephenson.

The first in the series of legends gigs with support from Buffalo Ghost.

After the worst of years for all of us, the Honey Bees return with the first of a series of ‘legends’ gigs at the Dorothy Pax. By now we all know the score. We’re sticking our necks out and there will be changes to deal with, but hey ho lets go !
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The now-defunct Sounds magazine marked out Martin Stephenson as “one of the finest and grossly underrated singer-songwriters this country has given birth to”. Few who bought his 80s Kitchenware albums with The Daintees – especially Boat To Bolivia and Gladsome Humour & Blue – would disagree with that bold assertion. Durham native Stephenson broke up the band in 1992, recording a series of well-received solo and collaborative albums.

Support from our very own ‘Buffalo Ghost’

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