Dorothy Pax


Zak Michaud

  • Date: 2023-09-28
  • Time: 19:00
  • Location: The Dorothy Pax
  • Venue: Zak Michaud
Zak Michaud and his quartet are playing live at The Dorothy Pax.
Support from Fuji Speedway and Mappin Street Collective
Zak Michaud
Zak Michaud is a musician, producer and composer based in Sheffield. Specializing on the electric bass, he is a session musician and producer for numerous artists around Sheffield and has now decided to lead his own band. Taking a modern approach to jazz, he blends warm enveloping harmonies with groove and pocket. He’s joined by Ashly Young (keys), Jack Stott (saxophone) and Sam Michaud (drums). His music is designed to let each of these individual musicians truly provide their own voice to the music through their stylistic contributions and solos.