Dorothy Pax


Torn Sail (Full Band) Live

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  • Date: 2019-04-26
  • Time: 20:00
  • Location: The Dorothy Pax
  • Venue: Torn Sail (Full Band)


We are very pleased to announce that revered artist ’Torn Sail’ will be playing live on Friday 26th April at The Dorothy Pax. For the first time in Sheffield, Torn Sail will be performing live as the full 5 piece band and we’re extremely excited. For anyone that has heard the album masterpiece that is “This Short Sweet Life” then you will know this will be an exceptional gig not to be missed. This show is very limited (only 60 tickets) and we expect it to sell out fast so we highly recommend you buy your advance tickets to this special event without delay.

TORN SAIL:  Here’s some press Torn Sail’s debut album has picked up:

”Torn Sail create truly transformative music and their brand of melancholia has a heart and integrity that makes this album so emotional it hurts to listen to at times…not since Talk Talk’s last two albums have a band inhabited their own musical world in such a unique way”

“A Masterpiece”. Mark Lanegan

“A serious piece of work” Michael Chapman

“…a haunting and gorgeous record – sad, but also uplifting and spiritual – an intimate, late-night soundtrack for the lost and the lonely…” –

“TORN SAIL’s music is so utterly timeless that it could have been released any time since the mid 1960s. Calling upon the likes of Tim Buckley, The Moody Blues and David Crosby, more recent acts like Verve, Sun Kil Moon and Talk Talk, as well as enduring influences such as Joni Mitchell, Lucinda Williams and Pink Floyd. It wears its heart on its sleeve unashamedly…” – Wyndham Wallace (Uncut)

”There are hints of early Verve on the languid ‘Treasure’, of Jeff Buckley on ‘Self-Medication’ and even of late Talk Talk, Spiritualized and Radiohead – at their quietest – on the lush, closing ‘Gains On Gains. 4/5” – Classic Pop

“This Short Sweet Life’s songs burn slowly, with Costin in reflective mode contemplating big themes, namely life, ageing and death. And the music glides like Americana honey, all spacey reverb, sad guitars and furrowed brows…Torn Sail have delicately woven together a timeless collection of songs”-  Left Lion

“…it’s right up there with the best of John Martyn or CSN”. –