The Dorothy Pax


Honey Bee Blues Club Presents: The Julia Waldron Band

  • Date: 2019-09-29
  • Time: 16:00
  • Location: The Dorothy Pax
  • Venue: Honey Bee Blues Club Presents: The Julia Waldron Band

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There are not many artists that literally bare their soul when they are on stage, Julia McInally is one of those artists. A self taught musician who grew up in Rochdale, Lancashire surrounded by her mum’s love of folk music, amazing acapella voice and ‘eccentric folkie friends’, it was only a matter of time until Julia picked up her mum’s guitar aged 8 and said ‘ I want to do that too’.

The first time she sang at her mum’s folk club aged 11 she left the audience stunned as she rolled out a completely unique version of James Taylor’s ‘You’ve got a friend’.

A few decades later Julia has moved on. Now it’s her self penned songs and style that leave her audience wanting more, the next CD, the next gig, the next song that seems like it was written just for them.

It would be hard to categorise her specific genre, her voice is representative of all her influences. Gentle folk sounds with a slight edge, country with just a hint of blues. It’s like fusion food – all the ingredients are good individually but in combination it’s unique, special and surprising.’

Julia tells the stories of real life with ease, confidence and lots of heart. Love, loss, friendship, betrayal and laughter, she’s encountered them all and tells the tale simply, leaving nobody in any doubt about where she’s at. Her fans feel that they know her after one gig and so, they follow her to the next one.

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