Gertruda Briedyte & Daniel Lumley

  • Date: 2022-05-04
  • Time: 20:00
  • Location: The Dorothy Pax
  • Venue: Gertruda Briedyte & Daniel Lumley
Gertruda Briedyte and Daniel Lumley are an acoustic duo made of two skilled, seasoned musicians entering a brand-new collaboration with the motivation to deliver sharp, modern renditions of renowned rock and soul classics.
Gertruda, with her skilful blend of sass and class, is guaranteed to stun the audience with masterful vocals, an undeniable stage presence and an unforgettable tone. Backing her on the guitar, with 12 years of live-music gigging experience, is Dan. Dan holds steady beat held on the guitar, provides quick licks and solid supporting vocals that can fill a room easily as your favourite 4-piece band, so don’t expect your average sombre acoustic serenade – this duo will take you through a full spectrum of foot tappers, to a gentle tug on your heartstrings to soulful musical bliss throughout their performance.
Get yourself down for fresh performances of songs from bands and artists like Fleetwood Mac, Aretha Franklin, U2, Amy Winehouse, Tracy Chapman, The Beatles and more… Ready yourself for a night of quality music that will leave an impression on you that you won’t soon forget.
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