Dorothy Pax


As Is

  • Date: 2022-02-20
  • Time: 18:00
  • Location: The Dorothy Pax
  • Venue: As Is

Aloha! Whilst as is continues to rock on, we thought we’d put on something a bit more breezy down at The Dorothy Pax and raise some funds for a cause we really care about. So, join us from 6pm on Sunday 20th February to round off the weekend with some tunes and couple jars under the arches for a good cause.

For the inaugural one, it’s Chapel Walk b2b Wow & Flutter for the whole evening bringing you warmth on the E&S <3

The Cause:

The Archer Project offer a pathway from street homelessness to a settled life. There is no one definitive journey and any pathway has to recognise individuality and personal choice. The support that The Archer Project provides to people across the region is priceless and their vision and approach is something we can really get behind. We’ll be telling you more about them around the event but for now…



We’ll be knocking about on the night with a bucket and a card machine for anything you can give, with a suggested donation amount being £5.

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