Dorothy Pax


60-40 Special. 4 acts perform 3 originals and 2 covers.

  • Date: 2020-02-04
  • Time: 20:00
  • Location: The Dorothy Pax
  • Venue: 60-40 Special. 4 acts perform 3 originals and 2 covers.

ANTHONY J. BROWN hosts sets from


The Storm Trees
Two voices, one guitar; harmonies, a variety of percussion and looper pedal all add to the mix.

“A huge thank you goes to The Storm Trees … absolutely brilliant duo. Their song writing skills are there for all to see, and would highly recommend going to see them if you get the chance … they’ll be back in Haworth later this year (Steam Punk Festival), but hope to get them back before then.” – Paul, Mill Hey Brewery House, Haworth.

“We all know and love The Storm Trees, not only because they are the most amazing people but they play awesome music of their own and smash our favourite cover tunes!” – Travlines Festival.

The Quays
Are three guys who migrated to Sheffield and formed a great friendship and their own sound. Each of the boys play in separate bands ranging from punk to indie and even a dollop of pop. The Quays brings together their collective musical styles with great lyrics to keep you entertained. Expect a quirky mix of guitar (Kev Styles) bass, (Al Dalton), keys (Stu Bonner) and vocals ……and no doubt a few laughs at their antics.

Nic Harding
Singer-songwriter from Rotherham; contemporary folk with soulful & heartfelt lyrics.

Jody White
Is a singer-songwriter from Sheffield. Growing up in a musical family, Jody was always going to take to the stage. She is best known as lead singer of the classy rockabilly band, The BearCats. Her solo career is only at its very beginning, but we are sure you will appreciate her gutsy bluesy, country style voice as well as her self-penned songs with a metaphorical style and a distinct nod to the dark side of love and life.