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10 things you didn’t know about the Pax

  1. All our wines are vegan,
  2. The building was once used as a dental practice, then empty for 8 years and when we took out the stud walling it was lined with lead.
  3. Our glass washer machine is called Dave, he says good morning when you turn him on and goodnight when you turn him off.   We carefully washed every single glass by hand for the first 9 months we were open.  We love Dave, he’s German.
  4. We all know that Pax Cat was found in a bin before  we rescued her. Do you know she sleeps on a boat in the evening next an AGA, or on a big radiator, or in a wardrobe, or in a filing cabinet or just where ever she blooming likes!
  5. The Pax bar staff are very skilled people.  We have a piano player, one guitarist, one bass player an internationally exhibited artist, a first class honours degree in mathematics (then a further further x5 degrees between us), a professional photographer and we can pull pints too!
  6. The arch was originally a railway bridge built in 1820.
  7. Pax Cat receives a monthly Payslip and is officially employed as The Grand Mouser.  We have no mice and she’s never ever caught one.
  8. You are entitled to wear the Disco Cape on your birthday.
  9. We’ve had two members of Country Joe and Fish play here who played the stage at Woodstock in 1969.
  10. We are believed to be the most land locked place in the UK to collect for the RNLI.  It’s 70 miles on both sides and are to host the 1st ever Yellow Wellie-Olympics in March 2019.

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