Dorothy Pax

Reopening Procedure

Covid-19 risk assessment

Jeez… the last few months have been tough for us all. Nevertheless, you’ve shown the Pax exactly how much love there is between us all and we’ve been overwhelmed by the support you have shown us whether that be pre-paid pax vouchers, purchasing a limited edition t-shirt designed by one of our very talented artist friends, buying a build your own Pax kit, ordering take-out beer, or just generally showing us love and support on our social media.

It going to be a while yet until we can get back to pre-lockdown party times, but we have been closely following advice and guidelines throughout. This policy outlines what we understand will be a safe way for us and you to get back to a sense of normality whilst protecting us all and exceeding any government guidelines for when we are allowed to re-open the best beer garden in Sheffield. We are so very excited and from what you’ve told us you are too… but we must be safe.

In order to provide the safest environment possible, drinks will be served at the Pax only under a table booking system in the beer garden to facilitate safe social distancing for all of us. You will be able to book a table for a slot for multiples of 2 hours at no cost of course. But we’d ask you to do so, so we can ensure we’re here to look after you Pax Purfect. Rest assured all tables and benches will be deep cleaned from one booking to the next and we will also supply a hand sanitizing station for each table. You will need to book a table via our new booking app. The capacity of the tables, for you, your small humans and hounds will follow government guidance at that time. Currently those from 2 households that would be 8 people, those from multiple households will be limited to 6 people.

Please try to arrive at the booking on time, by introducing yourselves at the door, then you’ll be shown to your table. For those arriving later in the evening on those sunny days, we recommend the “upper-decks” where sunlight lasts longer (table no 16 to 30). For those who want some shade we recommend those in front of the bar (table no 1 to 15). Cancellation of tables can be made via the confirmation email you receive (please check your junk folder), please let us know in good time so we can allow a fellow customer to book them if something crops up.

As all tables are outside, please bring everything you need whether that be sun-cream/a hat/coat/umbrella/giraffe/toddler/favourite pet. We would imagine at some point there may be food to take back to your tables from Kumquat Mae, but of course please feel free to bring your own food/table clothes/candelabra to enjoy. Help us stay clean and tidy by using the bins provided.

To order your drinks download the app (Nobly Delivery) for Andriod or iOS, you will see a full menu and of course you can order your drinks before you arrive so they’ll be ready the moment you get here and during your time with us.  You’ll get a notification when your order is ready to collect from the door. 

If you would like to bring your own glassware from home in order to drink your perfect pax pints, all we ask is that you take it home with you. Don’t worry if you’ve got booze left over, your welcome to take that home after your time with us. 

Loads of toileting is available outside. These are all fully stocked as you have become familiar with on your previous visits. Do let us know if they need re-stocking. There are toilets inside however, these will be reserved for staff/baby changing facilities/small children and parents/or in fact anyone who really needs to use them, but please ask us before entering the building. Disabled access toilets are available across the footbridge with the key available upon request. 

We are working on DJ’s/Solo performances from live musicians and general Paxness and ways to entertain you whilst you are with us via a streaming service in typical pax style, but we’d ask that you refrain from boomboxes and the like just to be courteous to your fellow Paxers and our neighbours here by the canal.

We’ve ramped up our already meticulous cleaning schedule and worked hard to source PPE for our staff in order to exceed government guidelines on safety and hygiene. Please keep your distance between each other. Please keep your distance between each other. There will also be a 1-way system in place.

If there is anything in particular that you need from us, please don’t hesitate to ask before your booking. We will do everything in our power to make it happen.

Don’t forget to join our mailing list to stay up to date and be the first to know what’s going on at the canal.

Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Well


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